What is the Bermuda Triangle and its mystery. Bermuda Triangle.

What is the Bermuda Triangle? Bermuda Triangle . The Bermuda Triangle is considered one of the most mysterious places in the world. An area where ships passing through, whether it is a seaplane or airplane , mysteriously disappear. People believe that there are some invisible forces present in this area which attract objects towards themselves. In the history of the last 100 years, many ships have disappeared here and thousands of deaths have taken place. There is a debate among scientists about the Bermuda Triangle. All scientists have different opinions about this area.

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What is Bermuda Triangle? – What is Bermuda Triangle full information.

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The Bermuda Triangle , also known as the Devil’s Triangle , is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean that spans 5 million square kilometers. It was named the Bermuda Triangle because it is close to Bermuda (an Overseas Territory of Britain) and is shaped like a triangle. However, there is no solid proof of this. Many airplanes and ships are believed to have disappeared from the Bermuda Triangle under mysterious circumstances. Many studies and research were done on the reasons for the disappearance of ships in this area, but nothing came out clearly. In the middle of the 20th century, discussions began about the area and it came to be called a mysterious place, but most reputable sources dismiss this place as mysterious.

History of Bermuda Triangle – Bermuda Triangle History.

The first unusual event associated with the Bermuda Triangle was mentioned in an article published in The Miami Herald on 17 September 1950, authored by Edward Van Winkle Jones . Two years later, an article titled “Sea Mystery Our Back Door” was published in a magazine called Fate, a short article written by George Sand . In this article, Sand referred to the disappearance of several airplanes and seaplanes, including the Flight 19 group.

Flight 19 was the designation of a group of five General Motors TBM Avenger Torpedo bombers of the US Navy . The group disappeared on 5 December 1945, while passing through the Bermuda Triangle during United States Navy overwater navigation training. After this incident, no trace of the 14 airmen involved in the group could be found. After this a team of 13 crew members with a flying boat named Martin PBM Marnier set out to find them, but they too disappeared. This article, written by Sand, was the first to describe the disappearances.

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In April, 1962, American Legion magazine once again wrote in detail about Flight 19 alone. Author Allan W. Eckert writes that the flight leader was heard saying “we are entering white water, nothing seems right, the water is green, not white.” He also wrote that “the planes flew to Mars” as told by Navy Board of Inquiry officials. These facts suggest that Eckert was claiming to have some supernatural powers in the mysterious realm.

In February 1964, Vincent Gaddis in the pulp magazine Argosy wrote in his article “The Deadly Bermuda Triangle” that Flight 19 and the other missing ships were part of a pattern of strange events in the area. Gaddis then writes about it in detail in Invisible Horizons next year.

Other writers elaborated on Gaddis’s idea, with Charles Berlitz , Richard Winer and many others continuing to write articles on the supernatural powers mentioned by Eckert.

Gaddis in his article illustrated the boundaries of the triangle, whose vertices form at Miami, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Later writers did not agree with this definition of boundaries. Some writers used to write about different boundaries and corners. Some authors describe it as extending to the Irish.

What is the secret of the Bermuda Triangle?

Different explanations were given by people regarding Bermuda Triangle. Some people believe that there are aliens under this area who carry out these events. Some people talk about having demonic powers here, while some consider it to be the place of ghosts and spirits. But there are some scientific explanations that can be trusted. Let us know about these scientific explanations .

1. First of all, the Bermuda Triangle has a large number of ships and ships, which can cause mysteries. Because if there will be more traffic at a place then there are chances of more accidents happening there than in the general area. Second, the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle is prone to storms, so there are sometimes extremely strong storms that can sink ships. Therefore it cannot be linked to an unusual event.

2. A common explanation that deals with magnetism is that the Earth’s magnetic North Pole and Geographic North Pole are not in the same place, which means that the compass does not point to the exact north pole. Usually sailors are familiar with this difference and they calculate and find out the right direction. But there comes a place in the sea where compass shows magnetic north pole and geographic north pole in the same direction. The place where this happens is called the agonic line. An agonic line originates from the Bermuda Triangle near the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore the sailors and the pilots may have made a mistake in navigation at this place and they may have gone astray.

3. Some scientists believe that methane gas accumulates under the sea at some places, from where many times bubbles of methane gas rise in large numbers. The sudden release of gas from the ocean floor generates foam in the sea, which can easily swallow the ship. A similar process probably created giant craters on the Norwegian sea floor. But there was no evidence to be found anywhere.

4. There is also a view that the water present in the area of ​​bermuda triangle is much less deep than the rest of the sea area. It is said that many times in the olden times, ships used to get stuck in mud dunes hidden below in this area. So it may be that due to this, untoward incidents have happened with the sea vessels here.

5. Some scientists say that strange clouds are formed on the Bermuda Triangle, due to which airplanes and seaplanes crash. These clouds are hexagonal in shape, hence they are named Hexagonal Clouds . These clouds produce a huge burst of wind, causing strong winds of up to 170 mph. Both these clouds and the wind together collide with the airplane and the ship, due to which the ship loses its balance and it crashes.

critique of the concept 

The mysterious incidents related to the Bermuda Triangle started coming under suspicion when Larry Kusche presented his research to the public in 1975 through a book called The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved . Kusche gathered information related to the incident with the help of Coast Guard, Air Force and many other agencies. He obtained microfilm copies of news papers from all the cities where various incidents were reported.

Kusche said in his research that Gaddis and his later writers exaggerated the claims related to the incident. He presented many inaccuracies and discrepancies between Berlitz’s description and the initial event between eyewitnesses, people associated with the incident and others involved. Kusche said that Berlitz had deliberately presented some incidents as secrets, despite evidence to the contrary.

Kusche also argued that the maximum number of major events that give rise to the effect of the triangle actually occurred outside it. When newspapers related to the dates of the events described were studied, it was found that almost all incidents were related to unusual weather, which were never mentioned in the disappearance stories.

The conclusions that came out of Kusche’s research are as follows:

  • The disappearances of airplanes and seaplanes that were mentioned were no more than incidents in any other part of the ocean.
  • In an area where tropical cyclones are frequent, the number of disappearances was, for the most part, neither disproportionate, nor impossible, nor mysterious.
  • Berlitz and other authors fail to present the occurrences of storms or disappearances that often occur in calm weather, and meteorological reports flatly refuse to accept this.
  • There were some disappearances that never actually happened. It is said that in 1937 there was a plane crash in Daytona Beach, Florida in front of hundreds of witnesses, but nothing like this came up in the investigation of local newspapers.
  • The Bermuda Triangle is a fabricated mystery that has nothing to do with reality. It was perpetuated by the authors knowingly or unintentionally using misconceptions, faulty logic and sensationalism.

In addition, a 2013 study by the World Wide Fund for Nature identified the world’s 10 most dangerous water locations for shipping, but did not include the Bermuda Triangle.

Human factors associated with Bermuda Triangle

The correct interpretation of the Bermuda Triangle may not be present in the ocean, but exists in our mind. Our mind is often more inclined towards strange or memorable events. For example, we tend to remember things that are extraordinary, such as the disappearance of a ship whose reason for disappearance is unclear and the disappearance of a ship due to a storm. Our mind will be more inclined towards the event in which the reason for the disappearance of the ship is not clear.

And when something is standing in front of us once, then our attention goes towards it again and again, it is called frequency illusion . For example, once we are familiar with something, we notice it more around us. For example, we have bought a new car and when we step out of the house, our attention is more on the same model of car on the road, it seems that there are more models of the same car than other cars. So maybe such thoughts are arising in our mind regarding the Bermuda Triangle.


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